Our Experience

Over the years, a significant number of multilateral organizations as well as stock exchanges, and leading companies within Latin America, have trusted our firm to work with them and promote the necessary changes regarding their direction and control decision processes. In a relatively short period of time we have built a relevant track record comparable to any important firm worldwide.

Our experience in evaluation processes, consulting and training consolidates us as the firm with the highest specialized experience in corporate governance in Latin – America.

  • "Governance Consultants was the leading consultant for the corporate governance implementation process in the Lima Stock Exchange.  Together we have worked in strengthening public companies, SOEs and multinationals´ level of knowledge and commitment in Peru regarding good practices."

    Mariella Cordova
    Mariella Cordova Assistant Manager for Companies and Commercial Management – Lima Stock Exchange
  • "The Board of Directors and the Corporate Governance Committee have worked with Governance Consultants to implement best practices and to constantly evaluate the Colombian Securities Exchange (Bolsa de Valores de Colombia – BVC) in order to lead the organization towards high corporate governance standards. It has been, for many years, a professional and rigorous work that has brought benefits for the BVC."

    Alberto Velandia R.
    Alberto Velandia R. Legal Vice-president / Corporate Secretary · BVC
  • "Governance Consultants S.A has helped the social conglomerate COMPENSAR in the process of defining its Corporate Governance Model. The entire organization has worked in order to present to our affiliate organizations and individuals the best instruments."

    Oscar Mario Ruiz
    Oscar Mario Ruiz Planning Vice – Director Compensar
  • "For an organization such as the National Counsel for the Operation of the Electric Sector (CNO), where many of the companies that generate, transport and distribute energy within the country altogether with the System Operator (XM) are reunited, it is mandatory to have clear rules of play in order to generate transparency and trust regarding the system´s compliance with the regulatory requirements. With Governance Consultants we have structured our Corporate Governance Model that has enabled easier interactions among different actors fundamentally based on the interest of the operation of the Colombian electric system."

    Alberto Olarte
    Alberto Olarte Presidente of the National Counsel for the Operation of the Electric Sector
  • "We have worked together with Andrés Bernal and GCSA for many years, with good results in institutional strengthening processes in Latin – America."

    John Zemko
    John Zemko CIPE Official for Latín - America

Our Awards


Telefónica y Compromiso Empresarial, they awarded the Elapedia app as one of the ten best practices for transparency and good governance in Latin America (2017).


El Grupo de Energía de Bogotá, awards Governance Consultants as best provider in legal and administrative services (2017).


Development Bank of Latin America – CAF and the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) recognize Andrés Bernal, main partner at Governance Consultants, as Leading Consultant in the implementation of good practices among Peruvian issuers (2014).


The Colombian Stock Exchange end the Interamerican Development Bank – IDB award Governance Consultants for its dedication, perseverance and contribution to strengthening the Colombian capital markets (2011).

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