Board of Directors´ Evaluation

We believe that well-governed companies contribute to the development of Latin America.

Boards of Director face the challenge of improving their operational models to create value for their companies. Boards of directors face different challenges: i. To create value for their companies; ii. Comply with regulatory requirements, or iii. To meet shareholders expectations. In that sense they need to strengthen their operational models in order to better fulfill their responsibilities.

Through the Board of Directors ‘evaluation, it is possible to access the members´ views and the perspective from the management regarding the board´s performance and functioning. These elements are complemented with an analysis of good practices implementation from the board, in order to obtain a its characterization. This is a mechanism to activate internal conversations about future improvements, operational adjustments and the consolidation of a culture performance and ongoing improvement within the team.

This service enables a better operational model through improvements in:

  • Information flows
  • Decision making process effectiveness
  • Operational model of Board Committees
  • Application of operation rules

The service is focused on facilitating the board to create value for the company whilst executing its supervision and direction duties.

¿How do we do it?

  • We present a comprehensive view of the current situation of the Board, framed within good corporate governance practices.
  • We facilitate conversations within the Board, in order to reach a better understanding, awareness and commitment from the members of the Board.
  • We work with the Board to promote structure and operational adjustments as well as improvements regarding its interactions with the Board Committees and the management.

¿What is the outcome of a good board of directors´ evaluation?

1.Improvements on the quality of the meetings
2.Better discipline and organization of the team
3.Better awareness from the members of the board to protect the company´s and shareholders´ best interests
4.Conflict of interest management
5.Enhance the capacity of the Board to create value for the company with more strategic and less operational decisions.
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