Corporate Governance, ESG or Ethics

& Compliance Due Diligence

We believe that well-governed companies contribute to the development of Latin America

Our due diligence service establishes the company´s current situation from a risks perspective and taking into consideration gaps with respect to good practices, with the aim of building a roadmap to adopt the necessary changes effectively. 

The analysis is framed within international standards, good practices from similar companies and understanding the reality of each organization. During the analysis we take into consideration the viability of the implementation (expectations from the ownership, market reality, company´s development, etc..)

The due diligence facilitates internal analysis (from who has asked for the service: future investor, board of directors or management) and the adequate conversations to efficiently focus the roadmap to effectively lead the needed changes.

It is useful for investors that are planning to invest in a company (equity or long term debt); or for board of directors that want to lead a transformation process within the organization and need to build and effective and “intelligent” path towards change.

¿How do we do it?

  • We analyze the company´s current situation and main risks, taking into consideration local and international standards, the company’s context, business model and the conditions if the industry.
  • We generate awareness amond decision makers, about the company´s risks based on corporate governance, ESG or Ethics and Compliance elements.
  • We promote internal analysis and conversations for the company´s improvement.
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