Corporate Governance


We believe that well-governed companies contribute to the development of Latin America

The objective is to strengthen the interactions with shareholders, the directive processes (mainly focused on board of directors), make better decisions from a model based on rules, controls and new incentives.  All this with through the implementation or strengthening of better practices for direction and control; an adequate articulation between persons, processes and mechanisms; and the possibility to communicate to stakeholders the client´s best practices in order to build trust.

This is particularly important for companies: i. that have recently experienced significant changes and growth; ii.  with changes in management and with the need of a new focus; iii. that belong to corporate groups needing to better articulate its relations with subsidiaries; iv. that have had recently incorporated new investors (private equity or a loan from a DFI); or v. with new business models or partnership (joint ventures, strategic alliances, PPPs, etc) that need to define clear rules about the decision-making process.

¿How do we do it?

  • We identify and prioritize good corporate governance practices that clarify structures of interactions and checks and balances between shareholders, management and C level executives. All this understanding and taking into consideration costs, implications and benefits of each practice.
  • We work on the necessary instruments to formalize best corporate governance practices. Such as, bylaws adjustments, preparation of shareholder agreements, new rules for Boards and Committees or writing of a corporate governance code.
  • We motivate negotiations, conversations and implementations regarding good corporate governance practices providing knowledge, independence and pragmatism with a business approach.

¿What benefitis can your company obtain?

  • Better business decisions from management and board levels.
  • Clarity and acountability for each governance decision maker within the company (shareholders, board of directors and C level executives).
  • Fair and clear rules of play regarding interactions with stakeholders which contributes to generate trust and value for the company.
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