Ethics & Compliance

We believe that well-governed companies contribute to the development of Latin America.

The ethics and compliance service is focused on evaluate and define practices, organizational levels and processes in order to attain a comprehensive and coherent management of the company from the ethics and compliance perspective.

The purpose is to facilitate the identification and communication of rules and practices for an ethics and compliance environment enhancement, based on best international practices and aligned with the strategy and the risk appetite of the company.

The service is useful for companies that are looking to implement the proper tools and mechanisms to face situations that might generate reputational and operational risks from an ethics and transparency perspective.

¿How do we do it?

  • We incorporate instruments to formalize in detail practices for conflict of interests’ management, dealing with ethical complaints and complying with ethic principles.
  • We facilitate conditions for training in compliance, ethics and anticorruption, in order to promote and enhance the subject within the organization.
  • We harmonized best corporate governance practices related to Ethics and Conflict od Interests.
  • We facilitated the definition and adoption of guidelines for the Conflict of Interests Management Policy.
  • We work together with the company in the structuration of related parties map for the company and its directors and managers.


We have completed and alliance with the Center for International Enterprise – CIPE (an affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce) an international expert   in promoting best practices for strong ethics environment in Latin-American companies.


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