Technology and research

We believe that well-governed companies contribute to the development of latin america

With more than a decade working as a firm fully focused on corporate governance we have the experience and information to build a solid research scheme to generate consolidated studies regarding new trends and conversations over corporate governance matters. We understand that it is our responsibility to promote developments that take our clients to the next level.

We offer training services with the aim of circulating information, knowledge and experiences with decision makers in order to enable more effective and fluid direction and control process, and to facilitate organizational changes.

This service is useful for companies that want to offer their Boards of Directors and executives spaces where they can think and make conversations around subjects related to standards and good practices in corporate governance, ethics and compliance, ESG and innovation.

¿How do we do it?

  • We use a training methodology for Boards of Directors and executives, focused on real cases and other companies’ experiences, regarding the main challenges in corporate governance that usually face companies.
  • We provide conditions and mechanisms for the decision makers to have all the same vision and level of understanding about concepts in corporate governance, ethics and compliance and ESG.
  • We provide the company with tools to minimize any “hidden” differences between decision makers, in terms of understanding key elements related to governance, due to different experiences, backgrounds and professions, among others.

We have complete an alliance with Hetikus as a regional partner for Latin America

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